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In these unprecedented and exceptional times, we are making changes to the way we operate.

Sky Blue Wealth Management and its origins


Graham Foster

BA(Hons) CFPcm Dip.PFS

Director & Independent Financial Planner


Sky Blue Wealth Management came about when its founder and Managing Director Graham Foster became disillusioned with the delivery of Financial Planning in large well established institutions. Their internal focus and robotic approach to the delivery of service to clients brought its frustrations for him and his clients. As a result Graham felt it was time to step out and provide a more bespoke solution to his clients, who’s needs could only be dealt with partly in larger firms. Sky Blue Wealth Management is unique in that it has the freedom to draw on the many trusted contacts Graham has built over many years in areas such as accounting, investment, estate planning, mortgage lending or employee benefits to ensure a co-ordinated approach can be achieved in one place for you, to deal with your financial planning needs.

What we do

We can’t all be experts when it comes to financial matters.
Sky Blue Wealth Management offers financial advice on a wide range of areas.
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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

It may seem basic but everything we do needs to be geared to managing our finances so that we can achieve long-term security, for ourselves and our family. Sky Blue Wealth Management can help you map out the best routes for you to take.

Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments

In the present economic climate, we have to work that bit harder to make the most of our savings and investments to achieve the returns we would like.

The value of the investment and the income they produce can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

We are a long time retired, which is why planning for a comfortable retirement should be regarded as a priority.

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. 

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Protecting Your Loved Ones

The people who are most important to you are the ones that you will want to offer financial protection to. You may not always be there to help them. There are all kinds of ways to ensure that the right kind of financial provision is put in place. Sky Blue Wealth Management will be happy to make suggestions that will give your loved ones protection – and you peace of mind.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance has become a hot topic amongst politicians in recent years. It is one that we ignore at our peril. Without the right inheritance tax provisions the Government could benefit more from your life’s work rather than your family.

Estate planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mortgage Solutions

Mortgage Solutions

Property is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you ever make. Mortgages can become a minefield unless you seek independent advice so you are not drawn into a deal that means more to the lender than it does to you.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other loans secured on it. There may be a charge for mortgage arrangement of up to 2% of the loan amount. We will also receive commission from the lender.

Equity Release

Equity Release

A lot of your wealth can be tied up in your home. Equity release is a way of unlocking this wealth, but is an area that should only be considered with the advice of someone who has no strings attached.

Equity Release is a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. We will refer any enquires to a specialist equity release adviser who will advise you of the arrangement fees for this type of business. Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning

When running a business on a day-to-day basis, often you haven’t the time to really look too far ahead. We can help business people look at their corporate financial planning. We have the time and expertise to review financial areas that could help protect the company and benefit your business in the long term. Why have an informal chat with one of our advisers?

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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of these topics!

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Our Approach

The Wealth Navigation System

Your support and work is fee based which means you are in control of the advice process and no work is done until those fees are agreed. We are able to provide tailored financial solutions by considering all the products relevant to you.

As you would expect any fee is agreed prior to each stage. You, as a current client or prospective client, can exit at any stage ensuring you maintain control of the whole process.



Key Guides

Sky Blue Wealth Management Key Guides are easy-to-read, full of useful information and free to download.
They cover 12 key areas.


Sky Blue Wealth Management publish a regular Newsletter and Briefing Notes. Together these help us keep you informed of the latest news we feel is important.


What our clients are saying about us.

  • Patient in explaining investment strategies

    I’ve known Graham for 12 years during which he has helped to manage the major part of my financial affairs. His approach to clients has been exemplary: patient in explaining investment strategies and fee structures, ready to answer the kinds of questions that those like myself without expertise in the language and organisation of financial advice invariably need to raise, generous with his time in meetings in order to ensure that complex issues and important choices are fully understood. His determination to grasp in detail the profile and objectives of clients and to work out together the best investment strategies, both for the short- and the long-term make him a financial adviser in whom I can have complete confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly to prospective clients.

    Dr David Moss
    Visiting Research Fellow and former University Professor
  • Generous with his time

    Graham has been providing me with personal independent financial advice for over 10 years now and throughout this time, he has built a deep understanding of my financial priorities aligned with my personal goals and interests. He provides advice and explores options that are always relevant to my profile and gives me the opportunity to explore a wide range of scenarios in terms of future planning. As an advisor, Graham is generous with his time, is a good listener and is very personable to deal with: originally providing services as part of an employee benefits scheme, he now does this through a direct contract reflecting the value I place on his advice and the relationship he has built with me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Graham to those seeking a highly professional advisor with a very human touch.

    Lynne Donaldson
    Director, Global Energy Sector
  • Goes the extra mile

    I have dealt with Graham for over 20 years. He is a trusted expert with a plethora of qualifications combined with sensible hard-headed approach and always put your needs first and goes the extra mile. Graham often assists clients to research and obtain other products thereby widening his offering, or if he doesn’t believe he is personally fully equipped then he will recommend someone. All of this is delivered in a friendly fashion, with his great sense of humour and attention to detail by him and his professional team. That is why clients stay with him in a competitive business and why I have recommended him to all of the staff in the companies I have worked through these decades.

    Graeme Thomson
    Non-executive Director, former CEO and CFO
  • Professional and personable

    A mutual friend introduced me to Graham in 2013. I will be eternally grateful to this friend as I feel confident that Graham will do his utmost in looking after my business interests. Graham is both professional and personable; he is patient and not patronising. When we meet, it is obvious that Graham is up-to-date with my account; my personal situation and my on-going financial requirements. Graham is an approachable sort, consequently I have no hesitation to give air to any questions or concerns I may have. He is knowledgeable and really rather passionate about planning the most effective financial future for me. I think Graham is sincere and trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of a financial planner with a conscience.

    Kirstie Neilson
  • Takes the trouble to get to know his clients

    I have known Graham since 2007, when he was recommended to me by a contact of a colleague. I liked him immediately as he has a pleasant and down to earth manner and he had the ability to assess my particular requirements and to help me understand my various options. As my requirements have changed over the last 13 years, Graham, because of his knowledge and understanding of his subject, is able to provide me with honest and detailed advice in a way that gives me every confidence in his recommendations. He takes the trouble to get to know his clients, which makes them feel that they have a very personal service. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and contacts.

    Jackie Watts
  • Provide very sound advice

    I’ve known Graham for some 25 years and during that long period of time had the privilege of seeing Graham acquire a deep wealth of experience and knowledge in Financial Planning which has enabled him to support his clients for many many years. More recently my family have been able to directly benefit from his valued experience to guide us through our future plans. We now feel confident in our future with Graham helping us on that journey.

    I was very supportive of Graham establishing Sky Blue Wealth Management as this allows him the ability to dedicate all his energies, knowledge and experience in supporting his clients and their families. Very approachable, very personable but crucially able to provide very sound advice on financial planning. I would thoroughly recommend Graham to anyone that is seeking a professional and very personal expert to help manage their financial affairs.

    Rob Taylor
    Senior Vice President – Banking
  • Effective solutions in plain language

    I met Graham, by way of recommendation from one of his former colleagues and I have never looked back. It takes a certain kind of person to deliver clear, unemotional and factual assessments, opinions, recommendations and planning and Graham is that kind of person. Over the time I have known him, our relationship has grown, from the solid and well structured beginning, to what is now a complete financial planning service, supported with sound advice and guidance. That is why I had absolutely no hesitation in moving my financial affairs management to Sky Blue Wealth Management, as no one else has been able to understand my needs and provide effective solutions in plain language, supported in an understandable format and delivered in such a personable manner.

    Peter Boyes
    Retired Insurance Broker
  • He Has never let us down

    We have known Graham for more than 10 years and rely on him entirely for professional and always sensible financial advice.   He has never let us down.  He has guided us through what is a volatile financial world with great expertise, integrity and sincerity and we have benefited greatly from his exceptional advice.   We have a great personal relationship with Graham.   He is friendly, personable and always available when we need him. We would never look to anyone else as our financial adviser and have no hesitation in recommending him as the best there is.

    Helen and Clive Toberman
  • Always put my needs first

    Graham has worked with me now for 14 years on all aspects of my personal financial planning.  He has my complete trust, as over the years he has always put my needs first and never failed to do the right thing by me.  His common sense, no nonsense approach is backed up by the necessary qualifications, he is a Certified Financial Planner (Institute of Financial Planning), a level of qualification which differentiates him, less than 10% of those giving financial advice obtain this qualification.

    He works hard to achieve the right outcome and has a good network of experts that he brings in as and when required. I do not always give Graham an easy time, and regularly challenge his views and recommendations; he deals with such challenge in a positive, patient and friendly manner and more often than not convinces me of the merit of what he is proposing. This is why Graham is able to retain clients and why his clients follow him. I am delighted he has now set up Sky Blue Wealth Management as I think this is the right platform for him and his clients.

  • Comprehensive service

    Graham Foster has been my financial adviser for so long that I cannot remember a time when my wife and I did not enjoy the benefit of his guidance and support. I would guess that we met 20 years ago, I have followed Graham each time he has moved employment and am now delighted to embark with him on his own venture, Sky Blue Wealth Management. I have now been retired for five years, and Graham’s comprehensive service has continued unabated across the transition from the process of building a pension fund to reliance upon it. We regard Graham as a good friend who is fully informed about our family circumstances and needs, and upon whom we can rely to protect our resources and help us to live within them.

    Graham Machin
    Retired Barrister
  • Cuts through the jargon and makes sure my needs are at the center of his thinking

    I was introduced to Graham through my own personal network.  I find Graham to be a very open person and professionally curious about my own situation and ambitions. This enables Graham to spar with me to determine how this translates into financial planning.  Financial solutions and implications can be very complicated, so it is refreshing to have Graham cut through the jargon and make sure I’ve understood the implications of choices to consider and decisions to be made. Equally I appreciate how Graham feels responsible for the quality of my interaction with 3rdparties – Investors and brokers – and makes sure my needs are at the center of their thinking. Follow-up by Graham and his team is rigorous – nothing slips down the cracks. I appreciate the time he invests in our relationship. I know that I can contact Graham at any time and he will be keen to be supportive and act with pace.  He’s a good bloke and I am very happy to recommend him.
    Rob Cook
    HR Director
  • A professional relationship built on trust and the understanding of our financial plans

    I was introduced to Graham via a colleague at a time when my wife and I had to make some very challenging financial decisions that would affect our future lives in retirement. Despite a long career in the financial industry, obtaining professional advice was essential and I sought help from Graham. Graham was thorough and yet skilful enough to be able to cut through the complexity, which in turn gave us clarity and allowed us to make decisions that gave us the flexibility we sought. Graham has access to a network of financial experts, strong trusted relationships which he has built up over many years which he brings into play when required. I reflected long and hard on Graham starting Sky Blue Wealth Management and came to the conclusion that it would give Graham the flexibility to spend more time on his clients which is where he has the biggest positive impact. It was also not lost on me that a great concern to clients is that a trusted advisor will move on and whilst there is never any guarantees in life Graham’s move to SBWM goes a long way to ensuring relationship certainty.

    I have not hesitated in recommending Graham to others.

    Graham Wright
    Senior Director, retired - Banking

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