Financial protection for you and your family


Financial resilience is the ability to recover quickly from unexpected financial shocks. 

Many of us insure our homes and cars without really thinking about it, but far fewer insure their lives and incomes. And yet, if you were to die, how would those you leave behind be able to manage financially? If you were unable to work due to illness, how would you find the money to pay your household bills? Savings can help in the short term but what happens when your savings run out? More important what happens if an illness goes on for months or years?

The ongoing Covid-19 (CV19) pandemic has focussed many people’s minds on the need for a ‘rainy day’ fund and the importance of having financial protection given the alternative is to rely on the meagre nature of State support. While nothing can ease the emotional distress of corona virus having a financial ‘safety net’ can assist in lessening the financial impact to you and loved ones affected by this and other illnesses. Life and health insurance protection underpins good financial planning. These types of insurance can ensure that, should you or your family need it, the right amount of money will reach the right hands at the right time.

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