Saving for retirement

The value in thinking ahead

Retirement is something most of us look forward to − particularly on a Monday morning. However, those thoughts are often little more than a whimsical cocktail of not having to work and prolonged holidays. The reality could be rather different, particularly if your retirement date is some way off.

For a start, retirement is now often not the sudden change from work to enforced idleness that it used to be. It has increasingly become a gradual process, with part-time work playing an important role. The latest data from the Offce for National Statistics (ONS) show that 14.0% of men and 8.3% of women aged 65 and over are still in employment.

This guide will help you prepare effective plans that will help ensure you control what happens to your estate.

This guide covers the following areas:

    Rising pension ages and life expectancy means retirement now happens later and for longer
    The current pensions landscape you need to understand
    The tax reliefs and planning opportunities of your pensions
    Default funds and the more tailored approaches you can choose


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